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Club SHRED is a members based social and activity club open to any Whistler Blackcomb staff member or volunteer. All deals, discounts and events are open to members only and not available to the public.

For $2 a pay cheque you get deals, discounts, events all tailored to your interests! We have partnerships with over 50 local businesses and are always looking for more! Check out the list of deals and discounts on our Partners page.

Here's how to sign up:

1) Log onto 

2) Click "Take Action" 

3) Click on 'Pay Info"

4) Click on 'Voluntary Deductions'

5) Click on 'Add Deduction'

6) Search "Club Shred" in Type of Deduction and fill out the form

7) Read through the terms and conditions and click Submit

8) Visit the Springs in order to get your updated/current sticker

If you are a volunteer, you can still be a part of Club Shred! Just head to The Springs.

We want to hear from you so feel free to post your comments or if you would prefer a more discreet method, email us at

Have a great season in Whistler!

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